Simon et Fils

we are who?


My grandfather, Charles Azoulay, born earlier this century, has always given good food, good atmosphere, good wine surrounded by his family.

As an amateur also good spirits of land, itself distilled from wormwood and Mirabelle for family consumption.

My father, Simon Azoulay, who was cradled in the atmosphere has chosen by chance to head for the wine merchant as its majority.

From the beginning he sought to share his knowledge and love of wine with as many people as possible.

I am grateful to my father instilled in me the lifestyle I'm trying myself perpetuated.

My father set up his trading in Burgundy Aloxe-Corton since 1965.

He traveled throughout Europe, and god knows how many people give thanks him for his advice in their choice.

It has always selected the best wines for customers.

It is always present in my choices.

Today the House of Simon & Son is present in over 40 exhibitions a year.

We look forward to meeting you and you drink the glass of the friendship.




Charly Azoulay