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Since 1965, Simon&Fils has put its passion for wine at the service of its customers. We are looking for the finest and the most exceptional wines.

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A passion for wine

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Since 1965, our family owned and operated company participates in fairs promoting our wide range of fine wines.

Unlike other products of the land, wines escape anonymity. Wines have a name. Not unlike noble families, the great wines can be seen as a family tree whose numerous ramifications keep getting narrower as we move towards its edges, from the villages to the different vintages, and from them to the specific localities.

The great wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux and other regions were not born by chance; they are the result of a careful mix of work and patience over generations. Undoubtedly, soil and climate play an important part in this process, but still, it was necessary to discover, to develop and to maintain them to the highest quality we now today.

Our representatives will always give you a warm welcome. We are here to make you taste those great wines and guide you in your choices.

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Simon&Fils is proud to introduce its wide range of fine wines on its online store, Exclusive Wine Company.

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Our legacy
Our legacy

A passion for wine over three generations

My grandfather, Charles Azoulay, born earlier this century, has always given good food, good atmosphere, good wine surrounded by his family. As an amateur also good spirits of land, itself distilled from wormwood and Mirabelle for family consumption.

My father, Simon Azoulay, who was cradled in the atmosphere has chosen by chance to head for the wine merchant as its majority. From the beginning he sought to share his knowledge and love of wine with as many people as possible. I am grateful to my father instilled in me the lifestyle I'm trying myself perpetuated.

My father set up his trading in Burgundy Aloxe-Corton in 1965. He traveled throughout Europe, and god knows how many people give thanks him for his advice in their choice. It has always selected the best wines for customers.

Nowadays, they're always present in my mind when I select wines.Charly Azoulay
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